What is Recovery in Action?

Recovery in Action is a series of monthly events that allow clients to practice the Tree House principles and engage with the world around them. Including Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, and camping trips, RIA events make use of our beautiful Southern California surroundings. Recovery in Action events allow clients to practice and ultimately master the tools that they are taught on a daily basis. By introducing clients to new forms of sober fun, these events are also opportunities to find exciting, healthy outlets that they can take with them long after treatment.

RIA results:

• Mastery of Tree House Concepts
• Fun in Sobriety
• Ownership of Personal Recovery
• Understanding of Healthy Living

Why RIA to Treat Addiction?

To stay sober it is essential to get the most out of life and engage in the world around us. We teach the tools needed to live a happy and fulfilled life long after treatment ends. Be it a Triathlon on Catalina Island, a camping trip in the California wilderness, or a Spartan Race, our Recovery in Action events are great opportunities for clients to master the concepts and principles that they are exposed to on a daily basis, while introducing them to a wide range of fun sober activities.

“Tree House is a family. All current, past and future members are my brothers, who I know I can call on whenever I need them.” –
Zach S., Graduate

Physical Empowerment Team

Tree House’s Physical Empowerment Team includes therapists from ESM, ABIT, and Yoga. Physical Empowerment staff accompany clients on Recovery in Action events…