What is Embodied Presence Yoga?

Embodied Presence is a mindfulness based yoga practice designed to allow addicts to become more present in life and attune with their body through meditation and breathwork. EP includes both evening and morning sessions. Embodied Presence takes place in what looks like a traditional group yoga class. But what we focus on is a more trauma informed method of yoga that creates safe space and uses interoception (or being able to feel their bodies internally) and choice making (moving in ways that support their own bodies) so that clients can learn to connect to and trust their bodies again.

EP results:

• Reduced Anxiety & Depression
• Increased Sense of Well-Being
• Increased Concentration
• Mindful Awareness
• Increased GABA Production

Why EP Yoga to Treat Addiction?

Active addiction disconnects people from the sense of their bodies and Embodied Presence helps to re-connect them. EP allows clients to become more comfortable in their own skin and more present in their own lives. And when people can be more present for themselves, they can be more present for others. They learn that they can positively affect their lives in ways that not only keep them sober, but allow them to live more fully and more authentically – with themselves, with the people they love, and in community.

“EP taught me to stay grounded. It helped me find peace in any situation.” –
Erik M., Graduate

Kathy Du Vernet

EP Yoga Director

Kathy DuVernet, M.S., E – RYT 500, CYT, is the founder of Breathing Room Yoga for Recovery. She is an advanced yoga teacher (E – RYT 500) and a certified yoga therapist (CYT) with a master’s degree in counseling psychology and over three decades of experience in the healing professions and movement arts. She holds certifications in Kripalu Yoga, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Y12 SR – The Yoga of 12 Step Recovery.