"We are all brothers, a team
working together to achieve
a common goal, which is to
create the best lives
imaginable for ourselves."
Brent B., Graduate
North Carolina


The man who graduates Tree House has very little in common with the man who arrived here on day one. Graduation is achieved through the successful completion of our rigorous, multi-layered program that is filled with physical, emotional and psychological challenges. Our graduates face, process and conquer every one of those challenges under the care, guidance and mentoring of our carefully chosen staff. Upon graduation, THR men leave here with a full compliment of tools that make it possible for them to build and maintain healthy, honest and nourishing lives balanced on their THR foundation of discipline, structure and an overall sense of physical, emotional and psychological empowerment.

“The camaraderie and teamwork that the men experience in this program is second to none.”

Nancy S., Mother
Miami, FL

Mother and son addiction recovery

Healthy Relationships = Connected

As social beings, our relationships are among the most important parts of our lives. Whether with family, friends or a significant other, relationships must be continually nurtured and handled with the utmost care. Healthy relationships can be a fantastic source of joy in our lives. Tree House alumni know this, and having been taught how to live healthy lives, pride themselves on their thriving, healthy relationships.

How to find a job in addiction recovery

Fulfilling Work = Connected

Tree House alumni know that work is an opportunity to positively effect the world around them and build confidence and esteem. We believe that any full, healthy life includes work that supports ones values and contributes to their wellbeing. Our graduates bring the Tree House principles into everything they do. We teach them the tools necessary to thrive in any situation, and to, step-by-step, actualize their dreams.

Men watching sunrise at the beach

Healthy Fun = Connected

Tree House is built upon the belief that life must be savored and enjoyed, rather than trudged through. Having known great struggle, Tree House men are passionate about growing and sustaining their happiness. They take great pride in their ability to have fun. Tree House alumni emanate this love-for-life. Be it through their relationships, work, education or hobbies, our graduates are experts in creating joy in every aspect of their lives.

Men thinking together

Meaningful Education = Connected

Passionate about continually learning and growing, many Tree House alumni decide to attend or return to school. With impeccable life skills and self awareness, our graduates are in unique positions to thrive academically. They are clear to chose the path that is best for them, and equipped to flourish along the way. It is with great joy that we see many of our alumni prospering as they attain an education that is meaningful to them.