Police Officers & Addiction

As a police officer, you’re on the front lines every day protecting and serving our community. At Tree House, we admire the dedication and strength this commitment takes. We also understand the psychological impact it can have. Few professions entail the same amount of stress and responsibility, and no matter how strong you are, it can take a toll. Spending your days addressing crime and trauma can create an understandable need to escape. Reaching for relief in a drink or drug can seem like the only option. Eventually, these temporary escapes can lead to dependency and ultimately addiction. The subsequent shame and guilt create a cycle that keeps you trapped in constant use. It’s time to turn your interpersonal and psychological strength inwards - it’s time to take back your physical and mental strength, and optimize your yourself for well being. We understand what you’re going through. If you or a loved one is a police officer who needs help, call (855) 202-2138 today. Our assessments are free, fast, and 100% confidential.

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Over 31% of police officers suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.



25% of police officers report depression that includes suicidal thoughts.



33% more police officers die of suicide than work-related shootings.

*Source: National Alliance of Mental Illness’ Law Enforcement Officers

A Program for Police Officers

As a police officer, you are used to being strong, being the hero that protects and serves. We know that personal issues can be even harder to address when the world looks to you for strength. Understanding that it takes fortitude to ask for help is the first step towards healing. The Tree House curriculum is designed to reconnect you with your mental and physical strength. We don’t simply get you sober, we get you optimized. Our clinical side focuses on your mind, teaching you practical tools that will allow you to properly recognize, manage, and cope with stress. Our physical side, lead by US Navy SEAL, Neil Trusso, will optimize your body, getting you in the best shape of your life. Together, the clinical and physical elements will do more than simply get you sober -- they will allow you to push past your perceived limits. Our experienced team of addiction treatment professionals understand what it takes to be a police officer on the front lines, to make decisions without room for error, and to save lives. They are living examples of what life after addiction can be. To learn more about how we work with policemen, call us today at (855) 202-2138. We are available 24/7.

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Physically Optimized

with ESM Fitness Therapy

As a police officer, you understand the importance of fitness. It’s also undeniable that addiction and alcoholism take a toll on our bodies. For sustained recovery, is essential to heal the body in early recovery. At Tree House, we use ESM Fitness Therapy to return the body to a homeostatic balance. ESM takes place 5 days a week and employs fast-paced, high-intensity weight training to repair, rebuild, and strengthen the body. ESM will allow you to push past your perceived limits, increase your motivation and confidence, and reduce anxiety and depression. This physical focus is essential to a sustained recovery from drugs and alcohol.


Mentally Optimized

with Addiction Education

Police officers know the importance of staying sharp. Your job requires that you read your environment in order to make split-second decisions. Turned inwards, these skills will become invaluable assets in healing from alcoholism or addiction. At Tree House, we use Addiction Education to get you mentally optimized. Addiction Education is an interactive class designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how addiction works. You will learn how the brain’s different regions become impaired and how belief systems are created during active use. Once you are fluent in the problem, you will learn practical tools that allow you to manage your thinking and emotions. This isn’t your standard addiction curriculum. This is a course in self mastery.

Assessing the problem

The UNCOPE addiction test

The UNCOPE questionnaire is an assessment tool assembled from assorted reports on addiction and alcoholism. How you answer the questions will provide an indication on whether you or your loved one is at risk for abuse, dependency, or addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. The results from this screening provide quick and easy identification, however, for a proper assessment, please contact our admissions counselors. To discuss the best way to help yourself or a loved one that has an indication of addiction, please call us 24/7 at 855) 202-2138.

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