Meth, or methamphetamine, is an addictive substance the is illegal in the United States. Because demand for the drug is so high, illegal methamphetamine production is a huge industry. The most popular and common form of methamphetamine is known as crystal meth, named for its translucent appearance. Methamphetamine can be sniffed, shot, or taken orally. It can come as a pill or a powder. There are billions of neurons in the brain, each responsible for their own job. Neurons use chemical messengers called neurotransmitters to communicate with each other. The neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure is called dopamine. Methamphetamine recreates the effects of dopamine, creating intense euphoria. This is why it is so addictive. Methamphetamine produces feelings of alertness and energy. These effects soon fade, and users need more. This results in addiction - constant use results in the brain producing less natural dopamine, making meth necessary for users to function at a basic level.

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Because methamphetamine is illegally produced, there are no regulations. Recently, some chemicals used in its production have been harder to obtain in the United States. Meth use is so deadly not just because of its effects, but also because of its ingredients, which include:

  • Acetone: this flammable chemical is found in paint thinner.
  • Sodium Hydroxide: this is a corrosive chemical commonly called lye.
  • Sulfuric Acid: this is another corrosive substance found in drain cleaner.
  • Anhydrous Ammonia: found in fertilizer and cleaners, it creates a poisonous gas when mixed with other chemicals.
  • Lithium: This is an explosive ingredient of batteries that reacts violently with water.
  • Hydrochloric Acid: an ingredient in plastic, this chemical is so corrosive that it can remove the rust from metal
  • Red phosphorus: this highly flammable chemical is used in road flares.
  • Toluene: this corrosive chemical that it can dissolve rubber.
Each of these chemicals is toxic on its own. However, when combined, the result is a drug that causes irreparable damage to your brain, body, and life.


The following symptoms are common with meth user:

  • Appearing shaky, nervous, or anxious
  • Insomnia with periods of increased energy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Change in behavior, including aggression and paranoia
  • Delusions and hallucinations
Meth overdoses can be fatal. They can cause your body to overheat, resulting in convulsions, organ failures, heart attacks, and ultimately death.


It is always safest to start recovery with a medical detox. Withdrawal can be a grueling process which may include fatigue, psychosis, intense depression, and cravings. Tree House Recovery is experienced in treating men addicted to meth. Our eight treatment methods heal the person as a whole, not just the symptoms of addiction. If you or a loved one is struggling with a methamphetamine addiction, please call us today at (855) 202-2138.


Understand methamphetamine addiction is an essential first step to getting help. Familiarity with paraphernalia, names, and signs of use can help you determine if someone needs treatment. If you suspect that treatment is needed, please call us at (855) 202-2138.

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Smoking meth is possibly the most common mode of use. Warning signs include the characteristic meth pipe and hollowed-out lightbulbs.


Meth can also be ingested orally. The drug can be eaten on its own or dissolved in a beverage. This mode of use is difficult to identify.


Meth is also commonly used intravenously. Signs of IV meth use include needle marks and missing or bent spoons.


Many users also snort meth. When crushed, the drug resembles a white powder. Signs include rolled up bills and straws.

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