You’re a survivor and a fighter. You have chosen to seek treatment for your addiction, and you refuse to let it beat you. But you can’t win this fight alone — you will need the right coaches and teammates in your corner, and the right skills to build the life you want.

Let Tree House Recovery in California become your new training ground. We are a community of men that embraces men like you: men who are ready to overcome alcoholism or drug addiction, turn their lives around and find a way of life that is better, today and every day. Our innovative addiction rehab program, given by the best medical and addiction recovery professionals, will show you how to rebuild your mind, body, and spirit. Regardless of where you are in your battle against addiction, we are ready to wrap you up and help you get back on a path of sustainable recovery that lasts.
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Our mission at Tree House Recovery is to rebuild the minds and bodies of men afflicted by addiction. Our treatment centered around an eight-element curriculum of evidence-based treatment methods. It is built for men who want to develop the mental and physical fortitude they need to overcome addiction. Our treatment uses a variety of the most effective treatment methods. We understand that every man who comes into Tree House has unique strengths; so, different therapies will speak to you more than others. Whether you connect to writing, meditation, or fitness, our treatment shows you how to connect with yourself and your recovery.


Our addiction treatment team includes talented, experienced, and qualified therapists — But, more than that, they are your teammates. We don’t stick to typical provider-patient relationships; our goal is to understand you truly. We collaborate with you and work with you at your pace. Tree House founder, Justin McMillen, created Tree House Recovery with men like you in mind, using his insights gained from beating his own battle with substance abuse. Our clinical and physical staff work with you and your family to rebuild and strengthen the relationships essential for life-long sobriety.


Alex H, Graduate ★★★★★

“The place was an absolute blessing, and saved my life. I had been trying rehab after rehab trying desperately to get sober. I knew I needed more than a month of sobriety under my belt before I could trust myself. I was 30 years old…”

Alex H, Graduate

“The place was an absolute blessing, and saved my life. I had been trying rehab after rehab trying desperately to get sober. I knew I needed more than a month of sobriety under my belt before I could trust myself. I was 30 years old…”
CALL (855) 202-2138
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The Tree House program consists of a treatment facility and living spaces in warm Southern California. All of our spaces are comfortable, modern, and updated, with all the amenities of home and access to top-quality staff and services. Our unique hybrid program includes round-the-clock care, a structured living environment, and nutrition guidance, all within a group of health-minded men who are working toward living a good life.

Research shows that comprehensive programs like Tree House offer the best results; our program provides the safe care and nurturing place to free your mind and body of chemicals, reboot your mind and begin fresh with strength and clear perspective. The structure of full-time therapy also helps you to fill your life with fun activities and discover healthy new hobbies and coping tools to stay sober and build independence. We believe that a relaxing space will help you focus on yourself instead of worrying about other stressors.
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Tree House Recovery helps men who are addicted to drugs or alcohol build a new life. We treat men who have been battling with addiction for many years, men whose addiction is in the early stages, and men who have been through rehab before with no success. If you are using drugs or alcohol and it is hurting your life, we can help you.

We specialize in treating: 

If you are facing any drug addiction, we can help. Call us now to learn more about the different addictions we treat.

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Tree House Recovery welcomes men who are struggling with substance addiction here in California and beyond. No matter where you’re from or who you are, if you want to get help with addiction, we want you to reach out to us.


If you or your loved one know that it’s time to seek help, please don’t wait any longer to start the recovery process. The pull of addiction is powerful, and it’s vital to get the help you need as soon as you are ready. If you are looking into our programs, but you aren’t sure where to start, call us right away — our team is here to guide you and answer your questions. We can connect you with the right team to get you or your loved one safe as soon as possible. We can help you decide if Tree House is the best fit for you, and get the admissions process started after your very first call.