“By teaching men how to turn what makes them different into an advantage in life, we are finding that the men who graduate our program far surpass their self-perceived limits and live optimized lifestyles that they love. We don’t just treat addiction, we optimize men; physically, mentally and socially. And that is what it takes for a man to live a life free from addiction.”


Founder & CEO

After years of battling personal addiction, Justin muscled his way to a healthy sober life, set on helping others facing addiction he began working in the sober living space establishing Tree House Recovery in 2013 by taking a fresh approach, based on his own personal success of getting sober and staying sober. He assembled a team of industry innovators, who have redefined what drug and alcohol treatment will look like for the future. Founded on the principle that there is a Recipe for Healthy Living, and treatment success can only be defined by sustainable sobriety, Tree House Recovery is breaking new ground with client success rates that are far exceeding what the addiction treatment industry has seen in the past.

As CEO, Justin is on the front lines as he continues to lead his team forward in this exciting new approach that is transforming the way addiction and treatment is thought about, talked about, and conducted across the nation.

Justin has teamed up to fight addiction on a national level with the author of Spark and Harvard Medical School's Professor of Psychiatry, John J. Ratey, MD. He now serves as a  Sparking Life Addiction Recovery Board Member to bring awareness of the effectiveness of exercise as a tool to treat addiction. 

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