Why Do We Finally Agree To Get Help For Our Addiction?

Why Do We Finally Agree To Get Help For Our Addiction?

Substance abuse can affect each person differently. For some, many aspects of life are significantly altered – for others, functional substance abuse can make it seem as though everything is in place, even when it is not. Some people who struggle with a substance use disorder (SUD) choose to seek help on their own, but many more are required to seek treatment due to legal reasons or because their family has staged an intervention. If you have a loved one who has chosen to seek treatment, you may be wondering the factors that impacted their decision. After all, we don’t always know what our loved ones are really going through until they’re on their way towards healing.

A 2018 study published in the journal Substance Abuse: Research and Treatment sought to explore reasons for why those with SUD decide to stop abusing substances. Eighteen participants were involved in the study, each having been diagnosed with an SUD and had been abstinent from drugs for at least 5 years. The following reasons were discovered for why individuals stopped their substance abuse once and for all:

  • Harmful consequences and momentous events during their substance abuse were recalled, reminding them of the pain that addiction brought to their lives
  • Pressure and concern from family members served as an initial reason for them wanting to seek help
  • Awareness of existing treatment options helped participants find hope in their future and recovery
  • Being able to imagine a different life really helped provide a visual for participants to work towards

Not everyone finds these reasons right away. For many people, involuntary treatment initially yields a lot of pain and suffering but later finds healing, transformation, and strength. For others, so many tragic outcomes have derived from substance abuse that they are finally ready to release the chains of addiction. No matter your loved one’s reasons for seeking help, the point is that they’re here. They’ve made it to the recovery phase. With the right support from you and other friends and family members, they’ll be able to better themselves and their lives in nearly every way possible.

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