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Discover how a substance abuse evaluation can help you or a loved one understand and address addiction effectively. Our confidential assessments, available remotely or in person, are the crucial first step towards personalized treatment.

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Substance abuse evaluations allow mental health professionals to assess how severe a person’s substance use is and to what extent treatment will be helpful. Substance abuse evaluations can be ordered by the courts and employers or sought out by those seeking treatment for their substance use. They include a collaborative effort by a mental health counselor and the client to investigate one’s substance use history and create an effective treatment plan. They can be done remotely or in person and are the perfect first step in putting together an addiction treatment plan that best fits you or a loved one struggling with addiction.

What Is A Substance Abuse Evaluation?

A substance abuse evaluation is a series of tests that allow health and addiction professionals to gain information about one’s substance use. Substance abuse evaluations do this through interviews, assessments, and surveys that outline the patterns of one’s substance use. By highlighting one’s substance use history, it is possible to assess how much addiction is affecting someone and whether treatment is needed.

These tests help to make the following more clear:

  • Substance Use History
  • Mental Health History
  • Physical Health History
  • Severity of Use
  • Correct Diagnosis

Our admissions team can easily connect you to someone trained to complete a thorough substance use evaluation. This will educate you about your or your loved one’s substance use and how it can best be treated.

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When Is A Substance Abuse Evaluation Completed?

There are many reasons why someone may seek out or be asked to complete a substance abuse evaluation. These reasons differ based on whether one is volunteering to find treatment for their substance use or is being required to by an outside party like a court system. 

Substance use evaluations be complete when:

  • They are court-ordered for drug-related charges
  • A family member or friend asks you to take one
  • You are seeking treatment for your substance use
  • An employer asks for one

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How Does A Substance Abuse Evaluation Work?

Every substance abuse evaluation will consist of a screening and assessment. Screening helps the evaluator understand whether substances are causing a problem in one’s life and whether their drug or alcohol use can be considered a substance use disorder. Substance use evaluations help specify the extent of, diagnosis, and adequate treatment for one’s substance use.

Substance Abuse Screenings include:

  • Family History of Substance Use
  • Substance Use History
  • Legal, Social, and Work Consequences

Substance Abuse Assessments include:

  • Review of Screening Results
  • More in Depth Substance Use History
  • Creation of a Treatment Plan

How Substance Abuse Assessments Are Used:

Substance abuse evaluations are typically used in the following ways:

Diagnosis and Assessment:

  • Identify Substance Use Disorders: Evaluations help diagnose substance use disorders (SUDs) based on criteria from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).
  • Assess Severity: They determine the severity of the disorder, ranging from mild to severe, by evaluating the frequency and amount of substance use, as well as associated behaviors and consequences.

Treatment Planning:

  • Personalized Treatment Plans and Set Goals: Professionals develop individualized treatment plans tailored to the person’s needs based on the evaluation. This includes determining the level of care and treatment duration. Common levels of care that may be a part of a treatment plan include:

Evaluations are done collaboratively between the evaluator and the client, leaving the assessment with a better understanding of substances’ impact on the client’s life. Appropriate treatment can be facilitated from here, and accurate information can be provided to any parties requiring it. 

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Are Substance Abuse Evaluations Confidential?

Many people seeking treatment fear the initial substance abuse evaluation because they fear the results will be shared with loved ones. It is important to know that all results from the screening process and substance abuse assessments are confidential. Moreover, all professionals giving a substance abuse evaluation are obligated to inform the client that anything that is shared between them is considered confidential information 1. These laws and codes of standards apply to all clients voluntarily seeking treatment.

When Substance Abuse Evaluations Are Not Confidential

The only times that info gathered during an evaluation is not confidential include the following:

  • A client signs a Release of Information (Consent Form)
  • There is a court order
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Reports of Abuse

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Finding A Substance Use Evaluation Near Me

It is fast and easy to find a substance use evaluation near you. There are many ways to do this, and the best place to start is from a laptop, phone, or computer. 

Some of the best resources to find a substance use evaluation include:

  • The California Department of Health Care Services 2 (or your state’s department of health care services)
  • Google Search
  • Searching For and Calling Treatment Centers 

We can help you find the resources needed to find a substance use evaluation and find the treatment center that’s right for you. 

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Can I Do A Substance Abuse Evaluation Over The Phone?

While substance abuse evaluations are usually done in person, they can also conveniently be completed remotely. Treatment centers widely offer this option, which can even be accepted in some courts across the country. This option is typically offered online or over the phone and provides access to a wide array of options.

Reasons to seek a substance abuse evaluation remotely include:

  • Convenience
  • Variety
  • No Waiting Rooms
  • Privacy

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Whether you are seeking a substance abuse evaluation for yourself or a loved one or you need one for work or court, they are the first step to finding treatment that is right for you. We are here to give you fast and confidential help. To schedule a substance abuse evaluation or learn more about our holistic addiction treatment program, call us today so we can talk about options that work for you. (855) 202-2138

Updated July 1, 2024
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