5 Myths About Recovery 

5 Myths About Recovery 

Debunking some commonly held misconceptions about the recovery journey.

There are so many misconceptions, which turn into myths, about the process of recovery. Recovery is a journey that’s different for everyone and it’s very difficult to make huge, sweeping statements about such a nuanced undertaking, which is in fact a lifelong process. These myths likely stem from commonly held stigmas around addiction, from those who have had negative experiences in recovery, the media’s portrayal of recovery, or other cultural stereotypes. Wherever they come from, it’s important to remember that recovery isn’t something we can pigeonhole or make generalizations about. Let’s dive into some of these recovery myths.

“You have to hit rock bottom before you can start recovery.” The idea of rock bottom is largely misunderstood and in fact, different for everyone. Rock bottom for one person may not feel like rock bottom for someone else. Additionally, some people choose to enter recovery before they hit rock bottom, as a way to take precaution. This myth can lead people to avoid seeking help because they feel that they need to endure more pain. You can start recovery anytime. The only prerequisite is a desire to recover.

“Some people can’t recover. They’re just hopeless.” One thing we learn in recovery is to never give up hope. The truth is, anyone can recover and hopelessness is damaging. Let’s let go of this sad myth.

“Everyone relapses” or “relapsing is a normal part of recovery.” Again, there is no one “right way” to recover. Some people mistakenly assume that everyone relapses or that it’s necessary to relapse in order to truly recover. Some people relapse one time, other people relapse many times, and still other people don’t relapse at all. 

“Recovery is a cure.” The truth is, recovery is a never ending process of growth, healing, and many ups and downs. It’s not a destination. We learn new things about ourselves and our recoveries everyday when we choose to stay on the ride.


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