It’s Not About the Destination: Finding Joy in the Recovery Process

It’s Not About the Destination: Finding Joy in the Recovery Process

In our world, we like to think that life is a straight line from point A to point B. Books, movies, and television give us the messaging that there is always a beginning, middle, and end. The recovery process, however, is not a straight line. We’re not steadily climbing up a mountain towards the zenith. In fact, the idea that there’s a finish line in the recovery program is a myth. This is one of the beauties of recovery. We get to enjoy the journey. 

If you’re working a 12-Step program, you know that even though there are twelve steps, the program does not end upon the completion of the 12th step. It’s a non-linear process and we’re encouraged to go back and keep working the steps in a circular motion. The steps offer endless opportunities for growth, as each time we embark on a step, we’re in a different place in our lives. The steps are a wonderful model for circular thinking. It’s truly not about the destination, it’s about learning and growing through the process. What have you learned through the recovery process?

This is not to say that goals are not important. We need goals in recovery because they keep us moving forward and engaged in our sobriety. However, when you’re working towards a goal, whether it’s recovery-related or not, try to check in with yourself during the process of completion. It’s often during these large pushes of effort and intensity that we grow the most. Take a breath, slow down, and take note of your progress. Enjoy the journey and know that we are always growing, changing, and evolving. Learning how to find joy in the process rather than focusing on the future will improve the quality of your whole life. You’ll be more relaxed, present, and fulfilled. 


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