"One of the most important things I've come to understand is it is not about what you think or what you feel. It is what you do with your day that's gonna matter in the end... Today I am gonna make a difference in people's lives."

Vechi Mutum

National Outreach Director

In 2000, Vechi was a promising cadet in the Long Beach Search and Rescue team who sustained an injury that put him in the hospital where he was given prescription opiates. This marked the beginning of an 11-year addiction that would cost him everything but his life. After getting clean, he dedicated his life to helping other people recover from addiction and met Tree House CEO Justin McMillen

Inspired by the unique approach to sustainable sobriety, Vechi joined Tree House Recovery in 2015. Today, he travels worldwide, sharing his journey to inspire others and illustrate the benefits of Tree House. His story is proof to anyone struggling with addiction that our past doesn't define our future.

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