ryan howsley

Ryan Howsley

A travel, health and personal evolution lifestyle blog.  My goal is to create inspiring content that showcases how awesome life can be. Living an active and fulfilling sober life is attainable and my story is proof of what is possible. New content is published weekly about adventures to new places, meeting new friends, and how I overcome obstacles and experience life through the eyes of a Tree House graduate.

I’m currently two years sober and I am having the time of my life. In March 2017, I left the comforts of my structured day-to- day routine and have embarked on a new alternative lifestyle – full time van life with my girlfriend, Jess.

I speak to lifestyle concepts that were learned at Tree House Recovery and through personal experiences, I strive to relate to both the recovery community and beyond. My focus is on being healthy, growing towards my full potential, and relating to my peers through my experiences, struggles and travel adventures.