VA Benefits for Addiction Treatment

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Covers Addiction Rehab and Substance Use Disorder Treatment.

What is VA Benefits?

VA benefits are a set of resources created by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to support veterans in various aspects of their lives, including healthcare, education, housing, disability compensation, pensions, vocational rehabilitation, and employment services. 

Do VA Benefits Cover Addiction Treatment?

VA benefits do cover alcohol and substance abuse treatment for eligible veterans, recognizing substance use disorders(SUDs) as a medical condition and providing various treatment options for veterans struggling with addiction.

The amount of coverage that your VA benefits offers for treatment can vary based on factors such as the individual’s eligibility, the specific treatment needed, and other considerations. Reaching out to your local VA healthcare facility or VA benefits counselor to learn more about available addiction treatment services and eligibility requirements is the first step to recovery.

VA Benefits and Outpatient Addiction Treatment Care

Your VA benefits can assist with covering a significant portion of addiction recovery expenses if not all. Rehabilitation costs deemed medically necessary for SUDs are typically eligible for coverage. 

With VA benefits, you could have 100% coverage for treatment costs or a significantly reduced out-of-pocket expense for drug and alcohol treatment services. Commonly covered rehab services include:

At Tree House Recovery in Costa Mesa, CA, we offer complimentary, swift, and confidential insurance verification services. When you reach out to us via call, text, or message, we conduct a personalized assessment of your addiction situation. Subsequently, we develop a tailored drug treatment plan aligning with your treatment needs and VA benefits. Following this, we liaise with Veterans Affairs to verify the coverage of your benefits. This process enables you to plan your treatment journey without unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.

VA Benefits & TRICARE

TRICARE, a healthcare program for military personnel, retirees, and their families, offers comprehensive coverage for medical services. Similar to Medicare, TRICARE extends coverage for individuals within the military community, including active duty service members, veterans, and their dependents. However, TRICARE benefits can be used concurrently with VA benefits for the same medical care.

While the VA often provides specialized benefits tailored to veterans, TRICARE offers a wide range of healthcare services to military personnel and their families.

VA Benefits & Medicare

Medicare, a federal program, extends health insurance coverage to individuals aged 65 and above and certain younger disabled Americans. Many veterans hold Medicare and VA insurance benefits; however, these benefits cannot be utilized simultaneously for the same medical care.

Accessing VA benefits typically requires consulting a VA medical provider or participating in a treatment program affiliated with the VA. Conversely, if you seek assistance from a non-VA physician or attend a private treatment program independent of the VA, your Medicare Part A and Part B insurance will come into play.

While the VA often provides more comprehensive benefits tailored to veterans and military personnel compared to Medicare, it’s advisable to explore VA options first when seeking treatment. In instances where VA programs are unavailable or distant from your location, Medicare may serve as a viable option for treatment coverage. Prior to enrollment, it’s essential to confirm with the treatment program whether they accept Medicare.

VA Benefits & Medicaid

Medicaid operates as a state-driven initiative aimed at assisting individuals with low incomes in accessing healthcare services. According to a 2019 VA survey, approximately 7% of VA benefits recipients also disclosed having Medicaid coverage. Notably, within the Priority 4-6 categories, this figure rose to 12.4% of veterans indicating Medicaid coverage.

While certain addiction treatment programs may accommodate Medicaid payments, not all establishments do. It is recommended to initially explore options within your VA benefits framework. However, if you wish to utilize Medicaid, direct communication with the treatment program is essential. Representatives can inform you whether Medicaid suffices as payment or if alternative funding avenues are available.

Understanding VA Benefits Starts With Verifying Your Eligibility

So, what are the next steps in exploring addiction recovery with your VA benefits? First, you need to be assessed to determine the appropriate level of care. Then, you need to submit a verification of benefits (VOB) to see what can be covered.

What is a VOB?

A Verification of Benefits (VoB) is a process where a mental healthcare provider like Tree House determines a patient’s eligibility for health insurance benefits under their current plan. This is an essential step before receiving addiction treatment services so you know what your coverage will pay for and what your out-of-pocket expenses will be.

The purposes and benefits of a VOB include:

  • Understanding Coverage
  • Financial Planning
  • Preventing Billing Surprises
  • Streamlining Approval Processes
  • Facilitating Direct Billing


How do I Verify My VA Benefits for Addiction Treatment?

Start the VOB process by calling us directly to work with a Tree House Admissions Expert or fill out our VOB web form. We collect some essential information and contact your VA benefits health facility to account for any essential details you may need to know. Then, we will let you know what is covered and what is not. Start the recovery process today with a fast, free, confidential assessment.