Image of Heather Imai

Heather Imai

Environmental Care Coordinator

Heather is a native Hawaiian born and raised on O’ahu. She is a proud graduate of the The Kamehameha Schools — a school founded by one of Hawaii’s last royal members and a pillar of the Native Hawaiian community. There, Heather gained knowledge, appreciation and passion for preserving Native Hawaiian values. 

She grows food, makes most of her family’s clothes, and speaks to her children in Hawaiian — a once dying language now in its revival. 

Today, Heather works with her husband Justin, Tree House Recovery’s CEO, to create spaces that embody the spirit of aloha — warmth, nourishment, and home — to help people create the best version of themselves while they heal from addiction. Heather embodies Tree House through her strength and inspiration. She enjoys staying active and fit, staying empowered physically as well as mentally. She love CrossFit type workouts recently completed a half marathon in 2019.

“Native Hawaiians have an innate bond with our ‘āina, the land, and I believe that understanding and prioritizing that relationship is important to find one’s center and balance.  Nature is a crucial facet of human existence.  Our ‘āina provides us nourishment and a place to ground our feet. We, in turn, must give back to our land in order to create that cycle of life- aloha ‘āina.

  • Bachelor’s in Law and Society
  • Pursuing Doctorate in Tribal Law
  • Kamehameha Graduate
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • RADT