George Coleman writing therapy creator and therapist


Writing Therapy Creator & Therapist

As a survivor of three combat tours as a US Military Intelligence specialist in Asia, a long roller coaster with PTSD symptoms, a bad marriage, and personal struggles with addiction, George Coleman is a staff member that men can connect with and relate to on a wide variety of levels. George is the creator of the Writing Therapy program at Tree House Recovery and personally guides and directs clients through every stage of the program. While building an unblemished history of being clean and sober for over 30 years, George has mentored and advised hundreds of young men seeking to understand and embrace their individual journeys.

“I’m motivated by the opportunity to walk into every session with the firm conviction that I might be about to provide my client with a tool, a practice, a perception, a behavior, a concept that is completely new to him AND may prove to be life-changing.”

  • HSTI’s Counseling Course
  • Published author
  • Over 30 years sober
  • US Military Intelligence