"A healthy, mature love begins within yourself. In order to get there, we need to be taught, we need to be guided... When you master your mind, you master your world."


Clinical Director

With 15 years of personal experience living a sober lifestyle, Geoff understands what it takes to get sober and stay sober. As Clinical Director, Geoff brings the insight of 12 years of experience in counseling and lecturing on Chemical Dependency. He has developed a great understanding of and appreciation for the importance of educating addicts in relation to the biological, psychological and social dynamics of their disease. With a Masters Degree in Addiction Psychology and years of first hand experience, Geoff helps recovering addicts discover the strength and ability to steer clear of the trappings of relapse. Always focused on optimal results, Geoff has been innovating a new approach called Integrative Reformation Therapy [IRT] at Tree House. Put simply, IRT is Addiction Education Classes and 1 on 1 therapy done by the same lead therapist. Connecting these two elements allows our lead therapists to better connect and understand each client. With his passion to advocate for clients’ success and his ability to teach others, Geoff leads the Tree House clinical staff with uncompromising standards. He is the guy you want in your corner when your life is on the line, because he doesn't rest until lasting solutions are found for each client.
  • Over 12 years counseling
    • HIPPA Certified
    • Over 15 years in recovery
    • IRT creator

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