Understanding Anhedonia: what is the cause of emotional flatlining

Anhedonia Quiz

Answer the following questions based on how you have felt in the past 2 weeks.

Are you struggling with addiction?

How often do you feel numb or "gray" like things don't affect you on a personal level?

How often do you feel little or no drive to do things you once enjoyed?

How often do you feel like the things you used to enjoy no longer bring you pleasure?

How often do you fake emotions that you don't feel in front of other people (e.g. smiling, laughing, joy, empathy).

How often do you feel like you don't enjoyed social interaction as much as you used to?

Do you feel more socially withdrawn?

Have you noticed a decrease in your sex drive? Either the desire to have sex, pleasure from sex, or both?

Have you experienced new physical symptoms like aches, pains, headaches, joint pain, or have been sick more often than usual.