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Zac Efron’s Journey From Alcoholism 

Zac Efron’s celebrity career launched when he was only 19 years old thanks to the financial success of High School Musical in 2006. The Disney channel release made the previously unknown California native an overnight success. Efron reprised his centerstage role of Troy Bolton in both the Disney sequels within the next two years — effectively making him Disney’s new teenage “heartthrob”. 

Zac Efron Before and After

The Cause of Efron’s Alcoholism:

In an interview with, Efron said he first turned to heavy drinking as a way to cope with the social pressures of his fame. Alcohol was a “social lubricant” and a way to deal with how surveilled the young celebrity felt. Everywhere he went, there were people waiting to snap his photo or ask him what he was doing, what he was wearing, who he was dating, etc. “It was an overwhelming amount of pressure,” said Efron about being followed or watched around the clock. 

Efron Finally Opens up About His Addiction

It’s only human to worry about what others think of you. But when your livelihood lives and dies by your image, it can feel tempting to isolate yourself from prying eyes — which is exactly what Efron did. As he became more hyper-aware of his image and what other people thought of him, he grew more depressed. Now unable to enjoy his former hobbies of surfing or skating every morning without worrying that he was being watched or photographed, Efron began starting his days by Googling himself to see the latest news or photos or commentaries. 

Alcoholism & Rehab:

Efron soon found himself unexcited about nearly everything in his life: “when the only things I would look forward to was free time on the weekends and dreaded the start of a new week, I knew something was wrong.” In 2013, he quietly began attending alcoholics anonymous meetings but struggled to stay sober. After relapsing twice over the next year, he entered a rehab facility early in 2014 before his alcoholism became bad enough to affect his career.

Efron’s Recovery:

After finishing his program later in 2014, Efron became one of the few celebrities to open up about his struggles with alcohol in order to raise awareness and challenge the stigma behind addiction. Now 6 years sober, Efron advocates the sober lifestyle as well as using diet, exercise, and adventures to live a fulfilled life. Although the celebrity supports abstinence for those who struggle with addiction, he also recommends it to anyone interested in copying his impressive physique. 

Want To Be (new) Baywatch Buff? Say Bye to Booze: 

Baywatch board

2017 saw the release of the rebooted Baywatch starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson opposite to the somehow-equally buff Zac Efron. Boasting less than 5% body fat, Efron credited his sober lifestyle and a special workout routine for his impressive 12-week transformation before the role. 

Here’s the 12-week workout plan Efron used to get ripped for Baywatch. 

According to Efron, not drinking helps you shed the pounds more quickly, especially from your stomach, and protecting your hard-earned gains. The rest he says is a matter of being consistent with your eating. 

“The first three weeks are the hardest,” claims Efron. “But after that, your body stops craving the unhealthy snacks you used to love, and you’ll look forward to a healthy serving of fruits and proteins.” 

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Down to Earth with Zac Efron:

Early in July 2020, Efron released the first episode of his latest project “Down to Earth with Zac Efron” a documentary about travel, life experience, nature, green energy, and healthy living practices. Although the series features jaw-dropping scenery and adventures, Efron’s unscripted dialogue has received some mixed reviews. However, one thing all the critics have agreed on so far is that you can’t help but like Zac Efron. 

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Other Celebrities Who Have Struggled with Addiction:

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Start Your Recovery Today: 

If you or someone you love is struggling with substance abuse, it’s important not to wait to get help. Addiction and relapse are nothing to be ashamed of. Like Efron, your life will change for the better after treatment. Call us today at 855-202-2138. 

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