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You’re Not Your Addiction

Tree House Recovery Addiction Therapist, Tim Arrigo, explains his take on the destructive misconceptions that can surround addiction. Watch this powerful video for insight into our philosophies around treatment and recovery.

There is a misconception surrounding the view of addiction. This view directly impacts someones thoughts when in recovery. This needs to change. It’s time to understand the truth about addiction, and make the change that is needed to recover.

Imagine, if all you saw was negative consequence after negative consequence, what would you think about yourself?

This is the perception of people that suffer from addiction, and there are 23 million people that have this perception. You buy into an identity that you are broken, that you powerless, that you require medication, that you will never get to a place of fulfillment.

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Now imagine if you believed that you are not powerless, you are not broken and that there was faith and hope to acclimate into a normal life, again.

We are going to begin to show you the truth.
The truth about who you really are.
That you have a name and an Identity

We know addiction. we know what suffering feels like. And if we know the truth about addiction, then we know that the fact that you use drugs and alcohol is not really the problem, it is an attempt at a solution to a problem. We know you are not broken, your brain is just malfunctioning, and you mind is just clouded by a false reality. You are capable of anything you put your mind to:

That you’re bigger than addiction
That you’re stronger than setback
That you’re recovering

One of the biggest misconceptions about addiction is that people that suffer from addiction are less than other people, or are less capable than other people, or are somehow inadequate or inferior

This is garbage.

You’re gonna see what you overcame
And what it took you to overcome those things.

And you’re gonna recognize again how powerful you really are, and the fact that You’re not your addiction, you’re not broken, weak or powerless. You are a warrior, strong, capable, confident, determined, and resilient.

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