Your Guide To Springtime Gratitude

Your Guide To Springtime Gratitude

There are simply too many metaphors available in the spring. The most prominent springtime metaphor is stopping to smell the roses. Roses, and dozens of other flower varietals, are in full bloom. Roses can grow all year long, but seasonal flowers are a once a year treat. After making it through the winter, you can find gratitude in the simple beauties of life. Life gets busy when you are in recovery. A full life is a life that is being well lived. Too often, however, we let our full lives get in the way of appreciating the small stuff. By stopping to smell the roses we slow our lives down, engage in our mindfulness practice, and give all our focus to just one thing.

Soak up the sunshine

Southern California has had an unconventionally cold and rainy winter, leaving many Californians yearning for the earliest signs of spring. Sunshine is important in our lives here on the California coast, as well as for all human beings. Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for our internal functioning. Nothing gives us a dose of Vitamin D we need like a dose of sunshine. Feel the warmth. Appreciate its presence. Take full advantage of every minute available. The winter solstice will come all too soon.

Pay attention to the grass

“Grass can withstand it all,” narrates David Attenborough in the Planet Earth episode “Great Plains”. Through hail and snow, sleet and rain, deep freezes and scorching heat waves, grass sustains, “flooded, burned, baked and frozen.” We don’t often see snow covered grass in Southern California. We usually see grass all year around. As we are walking through the springtime for gratitude, we can find gratitude for the presence of grass and imagine the incredible journey grass makes all around the world, drawing from its strength and resilience.

Say goodbye to the last of winter

Just because you’re in Southern California doesn’t mean the idyllic winter scenery isn’t available to you. Local mountains boast log cabins, pine tree forests, and snow. Drive to local spots like Idylwild, Palomar Mountain, San Jacinto Mountains, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, or even the top of Palm Springs to experience the snow in all of its glory. Realize that there are differences in experiences happening everywhere. There’s an important metaphor in recognizing that your reality isn’t the only one. When you think that you are completely alone in your life experience and that it is the only thing happening in the world, you can remember, that life is happening differently all over.

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