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Yoga Poses for Reduced Stress

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that means “union.” Yoga helps us to unite our minds and bodies in order to feel more centered, calm, and whole. Studies continually show that the union between breath, body, and mind can help a myriad of ailments, including stress. One of the most important aspects of yoga is breath. While you’re performing these stress-relieving postures, tune into your breath and try to release the mental chatter of your mind. Here are some super simple yoga poses to help you calm down and feel your best. 

Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana)

This is as easy as it gets and quite effective. Stand in a forward fold with your knees slightly bent. You’ll feel the blood flowing to your head and shoulders. Imagine all of the stress from the day pouring out of the crown of your head. This is an excellent pose to do right before bed for improved sleep. This pose will also increase hamstring flexibility. 

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Child’s pose is a simple and restorative yoga posture that will relieve stress, anxiety, and shoulder and hip tension. 

Downward Dog (Ado Mukha Savasana)

You’ve probably heard of downward dog pose, as it’s one of the signature yoga moves. Downward dog reduces stress and fatigue while helping the whole body feel rejuvenated. 

Corpse Pose (Savasana)

This is always performed as the last posture in a yoga class. Although it sounds morbid, the corpse pose is meant to bring us to a calm and meditative state. It’s a pose of total stillness and surrender with no movement. You can do this posture anytime you’re feeling overwhelmed or stress. Simply lie flat on your back on the floor and relax your body. Close your eyes and feel your troubles melt away.


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