Incorporating certain philosophies of the Keto diet into your everyday nutritional routine can be a great supplement to your health plan.

What’s The Deal With Keto?

Keto is the buzzword of health and fitness in 2018 without any prospect of dying off too soon. With a whole new world of social media obsession about getting your ketones firing through high healthy fat content, no sugar, low grain, and more, the Keto diet has given new fuel to even Paleo, Gluten Free, and other fad diet movements. Of course, the Keto way of life isn’t new, but the newfound obsession seems to be rocking the health and fitness world with astonishing stories of quick weight loss, muscle gain, energy changes, and more. As with any diet, it is important to understand that “fad diets” are actual lifestyle choices which require more than just a change in food. Moreover, every single individual body had a different chemical make up which may or may not respond well to certain dietary trends like Keto.

What The Keto Diet Is

Primarily, the Keto diet focuses on a high-fat content, low protein content, and low carb program of nutrition. To follow the Keto diet specifically means to keep a very careful count of the kinds of nutrients you consume. For example no more than 20-35 grams of net carbohydrates, which doesn’t include healthy fibers. About five percent of the diet should be protein and all the rest of those daily calories should be as dedicated to healthy fats as possible.

How The Keto Diet Works

Our body has naturally occurring ketones which the body can use for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. Ketones are formed by the liver and used for energy as opposed to glucose created by carbohydrates. The idea is that there is more energy, more efficient digestion, and greater weight loss.

Pros And Cons Of Keto

Reducing or eliminating sugar and complex/simple carbohydrates reduces inflammation. A low glycemic diet is ideal for brain health, gut health, body health, and more. Especially for men in recovery from an addiction which has affected their brain function, a high healthy fat diet is helpful for giving the brain optimal Omega-3 fatty acid dosages, which is needed for operation. However, the dietary trend does restrict healthy fiber which is also helpful for the gut, brain, and bodily health. Additionally, the diet is known to cause diarrhea from all the fats and can act in a reverse way for some bodies.

Going Keto Without Going Keto

Incorporating certain philosophies of the Keto diet into your everyday nutritional routine can be a great supplement to your health plan. Reducing or eliminating sugar is ideal for men’s bodies which are recovering. Healthy fats help heal the brain and the body. You can still eat a well-rounded diet which includes a balanced amount of complex carbohydrates as well as the fibers your body needs.

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