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What Settling Down Does And Doesn’t Mean

Men are under as much pressure as women to find the perfect partner, enter the perfect marriage, buy the perfect house, maintain the perfect job, have the perfect kids, and be the perfect man of the perfect family. It starts as soon as men start “getting it together”. As soon as men start looking to others like they would be a good fit for a partner, they are asked a singular question, “When are you going to settle down?” Most often the question inspires one of two responses from men. Men either have a plan with some ideas they’ve thought about some time or they fiercely oppose the sentiment entirely, offering a scoffing “Never”.

“Settling” isn’t necessarily the right word to use for the idea of building a life anymore, especially not for the modern man who has growing aspirations, incredibly physical ability, and a desire to wring every last ounce of juice out of life. To settle as a verb, has many meanings. Settling can mean (Merriam-Webster Dictionary):

          • “To place so as to stay”
          • “To cause to pack down”
          • “To make quiet or overly”
          • “To establish or secure permanently”
          • “To make or arrange for final disposition of”

If we think about stepping on an incline of gravel, the gravel falls, tumbles, and slides, until it finally settles. There is something reminiscent of a “final destination” when it comes to settling, which is why the very idea of it is so unnerving to men. Men are born to roam, to hunt, to explore, to be wild, and to grow. The antiquated idea of settling is inherently limiting to this very natural aspect of who men are supposed to be. Living a lifestyle of recovery teaches men how to grow along exponential lines through personal development, adventure, and experience. Men learn there is always room to grow, improve, strengthen, and more. When it comes to settling as reaching finality in area of life, men in recovery should be turned off.

There are settlements which need to take place in a sober man’s life. For example, men need to settle their addictions- a necessary finality. Men need to settle their resentments, their debts, their amends, and more. Men find security in settling down in recovery, without realizing how they may limit their potential. At Tree House Recovery, we aim to help men a foundation of sobriety which sets them up to be limitless in life- settling for nothing other than the best of what they can achieve, the best of what they can have, and the best of what they are capable of.

Don’t settle for treatment that won’t radically transform your life. Call Tree House Recovery today for information on our men’s addiction treatment programs and how we’re helping men find freedom from addiction: (855) 202-2138

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