Ways To Be Of Service To Nature

Ways To Be Of Service To Nature

Men who attend Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California are exposed to some of the best in Southern California’s nature and adventure scene. The roots of our program trace back to sustainability and a love for the outdoors, which inspires our philosophy that sustainable recovery for men comes from creating sustainable change. As nature inspires men to create sustainable change in their lives, men can also be inspired to create sustainable change in the nature which supports them. Being of service to nature can be part of a man’s overall recovery program and lifestyle from big acts to small acts.

Donate to conservation funds

America is not short on people who are fighting to protect nature, though there is always more support needed. Men can find a cause in nature which speaks most true to them, whether that is a nature organization, an animal protection program, or the National Park System. Once men get jobs and start earning an income in recovery, they can consider donating part of their income to conservation funds, conservancy organizations, or other groups who are fighting to protect the planet from local community park to the Pacific Ocean.

Educate and immerse others

Conservancy is an experience, not just a donation or a documentary. Few things teach others about the importance of nature’s role in our lives than experience. Taking others into nature helps the realize the amazing opportunities which await every adventure. In person, nature is more magnificent and mystifying. Until someone can truly empathize with the plight of nature in all of its majesty, they cannot be inspired to help it.

Live a greener lifestyle

Through treatment and recovery, men learn how to make sustainable changes to their lives in order to promote sustainable recovery. Lifestyle changes can reflect a need for sustainability in nature as well. Living a greener lifestyle feels good by doing good for the planet. Men deepen their sense of connection to themselves, as well as the nature which surrounds them.

Get a job in nature

Recovery gives men limitless opportunities to pursue a life of passion and purpose. For men who experience nature in treatment, working in nature after treatment becomes an option. Many nature based and adventure based activities are becoming “therapeutic” in the eyes of the treatment world. Men can combine their love of nature with their passion for spreading the message of recovery, bringing other men who are recovering into nature for transformational experiences.

If you or a man in your life are struggling with addiction, there is help. Call Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California today for information on our men’s treatment programs for addiction. By creating sustainable changes in their lives, men find freedom from addiction. (855) 202-2138

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