Ways To Enjoy The Beach In The Winter

Ways To Enjoy The Beach In The Winter

People who live by the beach have an interesting relationship to the winter. Some beaches get cold. Other beaches get what their locals and natives might call cold, but doesn’t hold a comparison to the cold of winter experienced in other parts of the world. Winter on the beach is a unique time of year. Unless your beach is in a warmer weather climate, like the winters of Southern California can be, there won’t be much hanging out in bathing suits. However, if you are lucky enough to live in Southern California, where Tree House Recovery Orange County is located, the only really cold part of the beach you have to reckon with is the water. Mental health is greatly supported by spending time outdoors, especially on the beach by the water.

Enjoying the beach in the winter is a good way to fight off any symptoms of seasonal depression and keep yourself actively engaged all winter, as well as outside in nature. The water might be chilly, but you don’t have to turn a cold shoulder to one of your favorite places to be. Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy the beach in the winter.

Get A Winter Wetsuit

Winter wetsuits of the 3/2mm, 4/3mm, or above can you keep you toasty warm in the water. Add in some 3mm booties, gloves, or a hood, and you’ll forget the water is so cold. Designed to keep heat on your body, insulate you from wind, and heat up any water trapped inside, a winter wetsuit is a solution to being in the water in colder months. Though they can be costly, they are worthy investment for helping you continue to paddle out for surf, dive, snorkel kayak, or whatever else keeps you in the water. Once you have a winter wetsuit, your favorite water activities will never be out of reach.

Hold Bonfires

Most California beaches are not bonfire-appropriate. Only designated beaches with designated fire pits or otherwise indicated allowance of fires, will be legal. Sunset on the California coast in the winter is a magnificent sight to behold. The dropping of the sun quickly leads to dropping temperatures which makes a bonfire a great solution. Continue enjoying the sound of the surf and the sand between your toes in front of a fire. Invite your recovery friends, host a fun bonfire, or hang out to make stores and other treats. Bring a thermos of your favorite coffee or tea to keep you warm.

Make Use Of The Beach

Thankfully, the beach doesn’t freeze up in California. All of your favorite beach activities are still there, though they might require some extra layers. Exercising in the winter has great benefits to building strength and endurance. Beach volleyball, running, exercising, yoga, and any other activity is still hugely beneficial to your health in mind, body, and spirit.

Go Somewhere Warm

It’s always “beach o’clock” somewhere. Head south and you’ll find beaches that still feel like summer. Plan a winter getaway to a warm beach with warm water and forget that winter even happens.

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