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Variety in Workouts: The Importance of Changing It Up

Switching up your workouts changes the game and keeps things interesting.

When you get into a healthy workout routine, one that you really look forward to and love, it can become a habit. Whether you’re running three miles a day, going to CrossFit four times a week, or taking a yoga class every day, we can all agree that workout routines are excellent for mental and physical health. However, sometimes a workout regiment can become a consistent habit over months and years. This can lead to overusing muscles, fatigue, and general boredom. While we all love a good routine that we’re used to, switching up your fitness habits is important for our bodies and minds. Here are a few reasons to keep switching it up so you can stay on your toes and keep the body guessing.

Building A Balanced Body

When you switch it up, you prevent overuse injuries. Our muscles get tired of doing the same motions every day. This can lead to stress and strain, eventually causing overuse injuries. When you implement crosstraining, you give your muscles a chance to recover while you engage in another activity. For example, you’re going to be using your muscle groups in different ways while swimming vs. while playing tennis. 

It keeps your brain sharp. Learning new skills prevents memory loss and boosts brain health. Most exercises increase memory and overall brain functioning, but you’re leveraging the power of your brain, even more, when you regularly change your routine. 

Crosstraining staves off boredom. When our brains get used to doing the same thing day in and day out, boredom settles in. Stave off boredom and keep your mind guessing by changing up your usual workout, even if it’s just in small ways. For instance, if you’re used to running three miles a day at a medium pace, try interval training, where you sprint for a few minutes and then walk for a few minutes. It’s a simple game-changer for your mind and body.


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