Using Physicality as an Outlet

Using Physicality as an Outlet

Medical News Today unveiled a study in 2017 regarding the effects of exercise on a person’s mental state. In sharing their results, they cemented what researchers first uncovered decades ago: that exercise releases endorphins in our bodies that can make us feel absolutely incredible.

Here at Tree House Recovery, we believe that physicality is the perfect, natural outlet for relieving stress and tension in treatment. Not only does it produce feel-good hormones like endorphins, but it also provides a number of additional benefits that complement a holistic approach to recovery.

As we recalibrate our minds and bodies to lead sustainable lives without substances, the process isn’t always easy. Stressors are brought to the surface, old wounds are reopened, and many less-than-pleasant feelings occur as we dive to the bottom of what may have caused us to use. While this recalibraton process is absolutely necessary for the long term, wrestling with such heavy and difficult topics can take its toll on us mentally and physically. When we use physicality as an outlet through modalities like action-based induction therapy, fitness therapy, and recovery in action, the fruits of our labor can include better sleep, increased energy, improved mood, and even less of an inclination to crave substances.

As we transition out of treatment and into the real world, maintaining a routine that involves physicality can ensure we enjoy those same benefits for years to come. Not only can a hard workout be a great way to stay in shape and keep ourselves active, but it can also continue to serve as a release of stress and tension for us. After all, unlike the treatment facility, where we’re most often in a controlled environment around supportive brothers and mentors with our best interests in mind, outside life in the real world can be as random and uncontrolled as we could possibly imagine. An environment like this can stress us out without us even realizing it. Knowing the reprieve that physicality provides us, however, means we’ll know that we have a safe space and a safe way of recuperating and staying on track with our recovery goals even if the world around us is as chaotic as it can be.

Here at Tree House Recovery of Orange County, California, we stress the importance of physicality as a means of release through a number of modalities. We believe that pushing ourselves physically can help us not only relieve stress and tension, but teach us discipline, provide us with structure, and make us feel incredible. Call us at (855) 202-2138 to see how we can help you today.

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