There's No Such Thing As An A+ In Recovery

There’s No Such Thing As An A+ In Recovery

One of the many gifts of recovery men are able to receive after working hard to sustain their sobriety is going back to school. Addiction can get in the way of men’s pursuits in education. Many men drop out of high school or college due to their brain’s prioritization of getting intoxicated. Sobriety gives men a means for living in a way which clears out any restrictions on what they are capable of. If men decide to get a GRE, a Bachelor’s degree, certifications, or their master’s degree and beyond, they are completely capable of doing so. Going back to school can mean redemption as much as it means an education, a diploma, and future job opportunities.

Men who graduate from Tree House Recovery strive for excellence because they learn, through our comprehensive and innovative program, they are capable of excellence. Once they return to school, men who have restored the functions of their brain and body achieve phenomenal scores in their classes. Men who build a sustainable foundation for sobriety through sustainable change find success in every area of their lives. Every area, that is, except for their sobriety itself.

Success is an ambivalent term in sobriety. There is no one thing which defines and determines success in sobriety more than another aside from sustained abstinence. Is it how wealthy a man becomes? What his relationships look like? The car he is driving by his third year sober? Should men strive to achieve A+ recovery, and score perfect grades in each area of his life? How do we measure success in sobriety? Generally, we avoid determining a successful sobriety and instead focus on the journey of sobriety as a lifestyle.

There’s no such thing as an A+ in recovery. We can do many things right most of the time, but we are still human beings vulnerable to imperfection and making mistakes. Rather than strive for perfection, recovery teaches us to strive for progress on a constant of growth, development, and improvement.

Transform your life, inside and out as you find freedom from addiction. At Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California, we’re helping men create the sustainable changes necessary to build a sustainable recovery. Call us today for information: (855) 202-2138

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