The Summer Solstice and Self-Knowledge

The Summer Solstice and Self-Knowledge

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, or the day with the most amount of sunlight.  It’s also known as midsummer. On the summer solstice, which occurs around June 21st in the northern hemisphere and December 21st in the southern hemisphere, the earth is tilted in such a way that we have access to maximum amounts of sunlight. Likewise, the winter solstice in December marks the shortest day of the year, where we have a short amount of daylight and the longest night. What can we learn from these zenith points of light and dark on our planet? How can the light of the sun illuminate the recovery journey?

The earth moves around the sun in such a way that each day, we have varying amounts of sunlight. The days are either getting shorter or longer and the amount of sunlight we have access to can give us clues as to our own cycles and feelings. It can even be a jumping off point for thinking about the recovery process. Before alarm clocks and artificial light, we rose every day with the sun and went to sleep when the sun set. Summer solstice is the pinnacle of light in the northern hemisphere and can be seen as a day to shed light on your conscious and unconscious mind, to review your year, and to celebrate your progress. You’ve made it out of the darkness and you’re experiencing the warmth of full-on light. The solstices also remind us that life moves in cycles and there darkness always follows light. Just as winter settles into the natural world, we also have difficult times of darkness and interiority in recovery. After winter, however, comes the spring, and the days begin to get longer and longer. Then, the cycle repeats.

Use this summer solstice as a time to celebrate your sobriety, reflect on your progress, and think about your own natural rhythms. Creating a ritual around summer solstice, setting aside time for writing or reflection, or planning a creative celebration are all great ways to mark this supercharged time.


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