The Science of Crying

The Science of Crying

“Boys don’t cry” is a myth and a cultural stereotype that continues to do some serious damage. Crying is often relegated to the realms of the “overly emotional” or to women. This notion is damaging to both men and women, as crying can offer a potent release and emotional reset. The reality is, there’s a reason why we have the ability to cry. It’s not a sign of weakness. Crying can actually be extremely helpful for growth and feelings of physical, mental, and emotional relief.

Here are a few of the benefits of crying and why it’s so necessary to let those tears flow.

  • It’s clears out your energy. Energy is either in or out. If you hold your feelings in, they will turn into suppressed rage, disease, depression, anxiety, or addictive tendencies. It’s always better to let the emotions out in healthy ways rather than push them down, where they will only fester and do more harm. Crying is the ultimate energetic release. After a good cry, you will likely feel an emotional weight lifted.
  • Crying helps us cope with negative and positive emotions. Tears of joy are real. When you’re feeling intensely joyous or terrible feelings, crying is often the body’s response mechanism. This allows the emotion to be processed in the body physically and
  • Crying provides catharsis. Catharsis refers to a deep emotional release that offers relief and renewal. Crying after you’ve made a big decision, after a fight, after you’ve solved a problem, or if you’re simply feeling overwhelmed, can help you feel reset and renewed.
  • It brings people closer together. When you reveal your true emotions, others are likely to be open about theirs, as well. This is the foundation of close and honest relationships of all kinds. Crying signals vulnerability and openness. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a sign of weakness.
  • It can relieve pain. Crying for long periods have time has been shown to relieve physical and emotional pain. The body releases oxytocin, which increases bonding and mood and relieves pain of all sorts.



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