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The Ocean and the Waves of the Mind: A Meditation

We live near one of the most mystical and intriguing things on the planet: the ocean. The ocean, like the mind, is in constant motion. The ocean and the mind have several layers. We can use the waves and depth of the oceanic mysteries to calm our own minds and lead us into more magical thinking. Use this meditation whenever you’re feeling stressed, lost, or simply like you need to hit the refresh button. Feel free to change the wording to whatever resonates. Let’s dive in. 

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position or lying down on your back. Observe your inhales and your exhales.

Now begin to deepen your breath as you observe the thoughts in your mind. Try not to judge your thoughts or force them into certain forms. Simply observe them as you breathe into your diaphragm.

Imagine yourself seated in the sand looking out at the ocean. The waves are crashing and you can hear their sounds. Imagine the sights, sounds, and smells of this experience. Allow your mind to flow with the turbulence of the waves.

Now focus on the water beyond the waves. Notice its calmness and tranquility. Perhaps there’s a ship sailing out near the horizon.

Notice the difference in your mind and body when you’re in the flow of the crashing waves versus the calm water beyond the beach.

Practice bringing your attention to the waves and then the calm waters. Move back and forth between these two rhythms. Watch your thoughts as you inhale and exhale. 

Bring your attention back to your breath and open your eyes. Remember that whatever is going on in your mind — whether it’s crashing, turbulent waves or calm and steady thoughts, you can always be a quiet observer. The waves of the ocean, like the mind, are always changing. We can choose to be get thrown around by the riptides or calmly observe. 


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