The Myth of the Summer Body

The Myth of the Summer Body

Oftentimes body image issues can be falsely labelled a “female issue.” The reality is much more dynamic, as body image issues befall all genders. Men face immense amounts of pressure in our culture to live up to certain “masculine” traits. There’s constant media pressure encouraging men to maintain ultra-firm bodies and the summertime, with its swimming, surfing, and “beach bods”, provides the ultimate propaganda opportunity. As a result, men can feel pressure to go on crash diets in the spring and summer, push themselves too hard at the gym, and cultivate extreme attitudes and actions around body. Extremes are unhealthy for the mind, body, and spirit. The sustainable path to health involves year-round fitness and a balanced approach to nutrition and exercise. Start by asking yourself how you view your body and ways in which you might be internalizing the myth of the summer body. From this self-knowledge, you can find pathways towards changing your attitude around health and fitness. Change is a process. Be patient with yourself and understand that growth is not necessarily linear. As with any internal work, acceptance is the first step.

Real change stems from deep internal work rather than external goals or pressures. Oftentimes, societal ideals and expectations are so omnipresent that we internalize them and view them as our own. When you step away from our culture’s often extreme attitudes towards fitness, nutrition, and body image, you have the chance to start formulating your own beliefs, goals, and affinities. Keeping your body healthy is part of a holistic approach to self-love, growth, health, and happiness, as well as increased mental and spiritual awareness. In this sense, year-round fitness is extremely important. Find time to exercise and use your body while also making time for rest. It’s important to reward yourself for your efforts and allow days where your body and mind can simply recover and rejuvenate. Make exercising and balanced nutrition one of the many things you do because you love and respect yourself and make sure you’re engaging in physical activities that are enjoyable to you. The path to true health involves balance, sustainability, and joy.


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