The Joys and Dangers of Social Media During Recovery

The Joys and Dangers of Social Media During Recovery

Let’s revisit this topic, as social media is such a pervasive part of our everyday lives. Social media, at its best, is the great democratic medium that connects us all. We can easily have a conversation with someone across the world with one simple click. We can scroll through the photos of celebrities and our friends. Adversely, it can also drag us into a dark hole. Let’s delve into some of the joyful and positive reasons to use social media during recovery and also some of the potentially dangerous ones. Navigating the world of social media is truly an art form, especially during the ups and downs of the recovery journey. Let this be your guide.

If you’re seeking sober friends, inspiration, or connecting with positive influences, it’s probably okay to engage in social media chatting. However, especially in early recovery, we can replace one addiction for another. We all know how addictive social media can be. If you find that it’s hindering your recovery, putting a damper on your mood, making you feel tempted to engage in past friendships that no longer serve you, or contributing to a negative mood, it might be time to say goodbye or take a break from your phone. Above all, your recovery process should be a time to live in the present moment and engage actively in your sobriety. Social media has the potential to take us out of the moment and into our phones.

Taking Your Social Media Temperature: Key Questions

Here are some questions to ask yourself while navigating the social media world.

Why am I going on social media?

What forms of social media am I using?

Is this helping or hindering my recovery?

Do I find myself getting dragged into the past?

How much time am I spending on each social media platform?

What is my mood like before, during, and after my social media use?

Could I be using my time in more productive, healthier ways?


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