The Importance Of Being Of Service To Nature

The Importance Of Being Of Service To Nature

Being of service is a major theme for men in recovery from addiction. Giving back to other men, giving back to their community of recovery, their treatment center, and the many people who support them, is important. Men who take their treatment and recovery for granted are at a disadvantage. Without the deeply humbled sense of gratitude, appreciation, and luck, such men are proven to be more prone to relapse. Why, the philosophy would stand, would a man hold onto his sobriety if it is not something that he wants, not something that he appreciates? Why would a man continue to fight for freedom from addiction when he prefers the prison bars of old behaviors? Being of service puts men into what is called “right size” and “right mind”. Men who have found humility through recovery realize the odds of their sustained sobriety, the immensely special chance they have been given to live in freedom, and the precious balance required to sustain that recovery. Part of that balance includes being of service.

At Tree House Recovery, a men’s addiction treatment program in Orange County, California, men are engaged with nature on a regular basis. Our prime location in one of the most sought after counties of southern California puts us within arm’s reach of some of the state’s best nature experiences. Nature excursions has become a new discourse of study for efficacy in treating addiction. Studies are piling up which prove that being around green or blue spaces of a natural environment has a positive impact on men, as well as women. Improved body image, reduced stress, and a greater connection to the world are just some of the ways men benefit from spending time in nature.

Men learn through their treatment that their mind and body are not infinite resources. Diet, exercise, nutrition, meditation, and yoga are some of the ways men learn to sustain their recovery. Nature also is not an infinite resource. Just as men learn to give to their bodies and give to others, men learn the importance of giving back to the nature which heals them. Embodying the principles of sustainability, men can take part in conservation efforts at home, volunteering time to their favorite nature places, advocating for laws that protect nature, and live a more earth-friendly lifestyle.

The Tree House man is extraordinary. Well-rounded and experienced, when he finds freedom from addiction he sets up a life that is limitless in potential. Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California, offers men’s treatment programs for addiction. Call us today for information: (855) 202-2138

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