The Full Moon: A Meditation

The Full Moon: A Meditation

When the moon is full in the sky, we get maximum reflected light off of the sun. The moon is a reflective surface an is often seen as the feminine or yin force within the solar system. When we pay attention to the moon’s ever-changing cycles, we can start to get more in tune with the rhythms of the universe and therefore, our own constantly changing natures. While the new moon is often seen as a time for new beginnings and opportunities, the full moon is a point of culmination and release. Here are a few things to think about when you’re meditating on the full moon.

Look at the calendar and note which day the moon was new. Think about the progress you’ve made since the new moon. What can you celebrate on this full moon day? What would you like to release that you no longer want to bring into the next moon cycle? As soon as the moon is full, it begins to start waning again. As such, the moon cycle is the ultimate lesson in the changeability inherent in all things. Recovery, like the moon, operates in cycles. 

The full moon is traditionally seen as a day of rest and reflection, space where we can look back at our progress and look forward to the future. It’s a time to get quiet, meditate, write, and (of course) pay attention to the luminous light of the moon. Write down some of your accomplishments this month. Reflect on them and allow yourself to revel in your efforts. Next, write down what has not been serving you and any negative thought patterns or habits that you don’t want to take with you into the next cycle. You can throw away the list and literally release it. Step into the next moon cycle feeling refreshed, grounded, and optimistic.


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