The Freedom to Live

The Freedom to Live

Addiction is debilitating. It doesn’t just force us to pursue a substance relentlessly, but it requires that we make sacrifices that can reduce our lives to little more than shells of what they could be.

Sobriety, on the other hand, is freedom. It’s the freedom of choice. It’s the freedom of confidence. It’s the freedom to live our lives independently.

Here at Tree House Recovery, we view addiction treatment as the first step to that freedom. In treating our addiction, we’re learning to remove not just its physical shackles, but the mental and spiritual ones as well. More importantly, though, is that in treating addiction, we’re giving ourselves permission to live life to the fullest again. Here at Tree House, we use eight different modalities to do this, but all of them work together for this same goal.

How does sobriety give us the freedom to enjoy life again?

In his short memoir, Captain Mike Morse makes a powerful statement: “Alcohol is not a good hiding place.” For many of us, addiction prevented us from truly being free because it covered up our real issues– the ones deep inside that often pushed us to the point of using in the first place. On our path to sobriety, we learn strategies to get to the root of these issues– not hide from them. Resolving the issues that lie deep inside gives us the freedom to live life boldly and unashamedly.

Sobriety also gives us the freedom to enjoy life again because it allows us to live in a state of hope. When addicted, many of us suffered from a state of hopelessness that engulfed our minds, bodies, and souls. We may have felt like there was no point in getting sober or that the chances of sobriety were so slim that it wasn’t worth trying. What makes sobriety so powerful, however, is that it empowers us again. The road to sobriety isn’t always easy, but if there’s one thing that the journey teaches us, it’s that we have what it takes to make it.  Living a life of hope– a life where we can be confident that no matter what, we’ve come this far, and we can make it a little further– frees us from the hold of self doubt, hopelessness, and fear.

At Tree House Recovery of Orange County, California, we teach our men how freeing a life of sobriety can be by showing them just how powerful they are without substances. The road to sobriety certainly isn’t an easy one, but we teach our men that it’s a journey that’s more than worth every ounce of hard work it takes to get there. Call (855) 202-2138 to get started with Tree House Recovery today.

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