The First Year: What To Expect

The First Year: What To Expect

Whatever expectations you have for your first year in recovery, let them go right now. The beauty of recovery is that it’s a lot like life – there will be ups and downs, moments where you want to give up and moments where you feel victorious, obstacles and transformations, and more. Of course, there will be pain. For those recovering from substance abuse, research shows that those in detoxification often experience mood swings, anxiety, depression, sleepless nights, and other unsettling symptoms. For those in mental illness recovery, feelings of confusion, doubt, anxiety, depression, and more can creep in – especially if you are questioning your ability to recover. The great news is, however, that these feelings are only temporary. What’s more long-term is your health, your vitality, and your life.

In fact, if there were any advice to give you during your first year in addiction or mental illness recovery, it would be this: keep an open mind, and go along for the ride. Open your heart and mind to the possibilities, and allow yourself to take things one day at a time. Right now, focus on self-care, which can include the following:

  • A healthy, nutritious diet
  • Getting plenty of exercise
  • Building a support network and distancing from old social groups that did not build up your recovery
  • Connecting with the healthcare team at your treatment center
  • Discovering hobbies and passions that provide added meaning to your world
  • Working on your recovery with medication, therapy, and/or activities

Each person’s experience during their first year in recovery is different, but perspective does play a huge part in virtually any part of life. Have the perspective that you’re going to work hard, learn a lot, make mistakes and learn some more – you will be just fine.

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