Crossfit doesn't need mirrors because it doesn't matter what you look like. It matters what you can do

Why There Are No Mirrors in CrossFit Gyms | CrossFit Philosophy

There are no mirrors in CrossFit gyms because how you look in a mirror isn’t important for CrossFit. The point of CrossFit isn’t to improve how you look in a mirror, it’s to improve your endurance, form, and strength. Rather than progress in inches and muscle definition, Crossfit believes that progress should be documented in real progress. According to Crossfit philosophy, running faster, lifting more, and accomplishing great feats at the gym are the things that truly shape an individual and cause them to feel better about themselves — more so than looking in the mirror for external results.

Ask anyone to describe the most annoying person at the gym and they will likely be quick to give you the same example: he’s always looking in the mirror. Though women are often characterized to be the more vain, image-obsessed gender, some men at the gym tilt the argument. From lifting weights while looking in the mirror, to checking out muscles in the mirror, to taking selfies in the mirror, some men at the gym spend a lot of time in reflection. Perhaps just not the right kind. 

Doing things the right way and getting better results feels better –– no mirror required. Why look to a mirror for validation when you can feel it, you can do it, and you can be it all on your own? That’s the Crossfit philosophy. It’s about learning to trust yourself and your body without relying on imperfections being displayed in a mirror. It provides better results and more fulfilling growth.

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