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The Benefits of Trauma-Informed Care

The effects of trauma are vast and it’s important to understand them.

Trauma-informed care refers to any kind of treatment that seeks to recognize and respond to all kinds of trauma. Physical, mental, and emotional safety are priorities and acknowledgment of the role that trauma has played in the lives of patients is crucial. Many of us in recovery have experienced some kind of trauma. When our treatment team engages with the history and impact of trauma, they can more fully understand our coping mechanisms, lives, and addictions. Sometimes, drugs and/or alcohol are survival mechanisms for those of us who have experienced trauma. Here are some of the benefits of trauma-informed care.

Safety and Empathy

When our doctors, therapists, and other care providers are tapped into the myriad effects of trauma, it allows victims of traumatic events to feel safe and secure. We feel that we can more fully speak our truths and we are understood. 

Seeing the Bigger Picture

When professionals understand trauma, they’re more fully able to grasp the big picture. In the case of addiction or other mental health disorders, such as Borderline Personality Disorder, which is often triggered by childhood trauma, the practitioner can see beyond the addiction and into the complicated history of the client. 

A Holistic Approach

When someone has experienced trauma, oftentimes mind-body therapies can be extremely beneficial. A commonly used modality for PTSD is Eye Movement Desensition and Reprocessing (EMDR), as well as yoga, meditation, and visualization.

Many Kinds of Trauma

Trauma comes in many forms. Physical, emotional, or mental abuse, as well as PTSD from physical illnesses, loss of a loved one, or an accident, are all kinds of trauma. There are three main kinds of trauma: acute, chronic, and complex, which require varying treatment methods


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