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The Benefits of Running in Recovery

Running is a healthy habit. Here’s how it boosts your recovery.

We all know that running is a great way to stay fit and boost physical health. It promotes fat loss and prevents muscle and bone loss while increasing stamina and overall fitness levels. In addition to the many physical benefits of running, it’s also an excellent way to improve your mental and emotional well being. Running can take your recovery plan and your health to new heights. If you’re feeling called to hit the road (or the trail) and start jogging, here are a few reasons why it’s a great idea, especially in recovery.

Brain Benefits

Running boosts dopamine levels. You’ve probably heard of the “runner’s high.”  Running increases the happy hormone in the body, leaving us feeling rejuvenated. It boosts mood and keeps the blues away. In fact, studies show that running or walking briskly for 25 minutes a day helps to greatly improve overall mood.

Developing a running routine cultivates discipline and confidence. In recovery, we’re often looking for healthy forms of discipline and structure. Starting a running program and following through on your plan is a great way to strengthen those discipline muscles. This, in turn, will lead to an overall confidence boost, which is a win-win for recovery.

Creating Structure

Running is a great way to replace a bad habit with a healthy habit. In early recovery, we’re often looking for ways to fill the time in more sustainable and wellness-oriented ways. Running is a healthy habit that will help you crowd out some of those not-so-healthy ones.

Running helps us deal with stress. When you hit the ground running, so to speak, you get to work through some of your stress from the day. It clears the mind, reduces panic and anxiety, and makes the brain a little happier.


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