The Benefit Of Building

The Benefit Of Building

Men who have lived with active addiction know better than anyone how it feels to be completely powerless over the functions of their body. Addiction causes a man to become chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol. Without substances in his body, he might not be able to walk, talk, or remotely function. In its most severe form, addiction can rob a man of more than his physique and muscle mass. Addiction can take away his dignity, his integrity, his confidence, and his self-esteem. Choosing to recover from drug addiction is choosing more than an abstinence-based lifestyle of sobriety for men. At Tree House Recovery, men enter a lifestyle which focuses on building a man’s life back up, bringing him to a limitless way of living he has never known before, without drugs and alcohol. A focus on fitness, endurance training, strength training, outdoor adventures, and more helps men rediscover not just who they are, but who they have always had the potential to be, both inside and out.

There are benefits to building muscle beyond physique and personal development. A man’s body is his tool for survival and his gateway to the world. With strength, endurance, and flexibility, a man is prepared to take on all challenges, physical and non-physical. Men are opened up to an infinite number of opportunities when they start to train and connect with their bodies. According to new research, one of those opportunities is longevity.

Research from the University of Michigan discovered a correlation between strength level and lifespan, Men’s Health reports, “…People with lower levels of muscle strength are 50 percent more likely to die earlier than individuals who are stronger than a baseline measurement of grip strength.” Strength and physical capability in later life help the body age in a healthy, independent way. For men who have at one time hurt their bodies through addiction, this extra boost of health and wellness is critical. Addiction does have long-term health effects, even in recovery. Getting fit and healthy is more than a   form of recovery- it is a lifestyle and a commitment, just like everything else in sobriety.

Transform your life, inside and out as you find freedom from addiction. At Tree House Recovery in Orange County, California, we’re helping men create the sustainable changes necessary to build a sustainable recovery. Call us today for information: (855) 202-2138

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