Teamwork Makes it Possible

Teamwork Makes it Possible

Unity and brotherhood are the two primary focuses of everything we do here at Tree House Recovery, and that’s because we know that it takes a team to help us learn how to manage our recovery.

When we’re addicted, often the only things we can see are what our addiction lets us see. Whether it’s our current troubles, temptations that encourage us to keep using or drinking, or the perceived idea that there’s no way out, we often become entrapped by both our addiction and our own thoughts when we’re addicted. Sometimes, these thoughts can be so debilitating that we even write off the very idea of getting help. Being addicted and alone is a scary place to be, and it’s hard to fight something as powerful as addiction on our own.

That’s why in treatment, we learn how to make use of not just the resources provided by an amazing program, but our brothers there with us, so our own thoughts don’t bog us down anymore, and we no longer have to fight addiction by ourselves. We learn that sometimes the best way to get through tough times both in treatment and afterwards is to rely on support from others who are also going through similar situations, and in doing so, our thought process slowly changes from one of isolation to one of belonging and a desire to be present.

If we have a team by our side, we often feel more inclined to step outside of our comfort zones, take risks to better ourselves, and to even live life more boldly. Through modalities like fitness and process group therapy, we learn that the men we enter treatment with can teach us a lot about ourselves as well. In turn, the stories and experiences that we’ve been through can educate our brothers.

Tree House Recovery is a men’s addiction treatment center in Costa Mesa, California with one goal: making men the very best they can be, and teaching them to conquer addiction and anything else life throws at them in the process. Through eight different modalities, we prepare men with the life skills they need to be successful, and teach them the importance of teamwork, unity, and brotherhood. Call us today at (855) 202-2138.

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