Synthetic Marijuana Is Becoming More Dangerous

Synthetic Marijuana Is Becoming More Dangerous

You wouldn’t water a plant with Mountain Dew. You wouldn’t pour Coca Cola in your dog’s bowl. Somethings are meant to be treated naturally and deserve natural substances. You might consider it cruel to water a plant or feed a dog with soda. Yet, you might not consider your human body to have the same consequences. Everyday men are putting harmful synthetic substances, like synthetic marijuana, into their bodies. As a result, men are experiencing severe damages, because the body is not meant to operate on synthetic substances, just like a plant is not meant to be watered with Mountain Dew.

Synthetic marijuana is a highly volatile and dangerous substance. Hardly resembling authentic marijuana, the side effects and symptoms of synthetic marijuana are much more severe. Known side effects have included psychosis, seizure, hallucinations, and more. Batches of “bad” synthetic marijuana have caused dozens of overdoses at a time. Recently, there have been reports of extreme side effects happening to those under the influence of synthetic marijuana. People have been experiencing bleeding from their eyes and their ears. Synthetic drugs are extremely dangerous and cannot be trusted.

Men’s Health reports that in March of 2018, “38 people visited emergency rooms in the state after ingesting synthetic marijuana,” and that the symptoms patients presented “ranged from severe bleeding from the eyes and ears to coughing up blood and having a severe bloody nose…” One patient died.

Why Synthetic Marijuana Is Dangerous

Called “Spice” or “K2”, among many other street names, there is much concern about synthetic marijuana, which is marketed as a “safe” and “natural” drug alternative, though it is neither of those things. It is not the substance itself or even the reactions it causes which are dangerous. Synthetic marijuana is a threat because it is an unpredictable and unstable substance. Government and law enforcement agencies struggle to regulate or keep ahead on synthetic substances because the formulae are constantly changing. From one batch of synthetic marijuana to the next, there is no way to predict how the drug will take hold of people.

Recovery Is Possible

Synthetic marijuana and other synthetic substances are highly addictive because they create a swift, potent high, at a very cheap price. If you have become addicted to synthetic marijuana, you are not alone. Recovery is possible. All it takes is one decision to call and ask for help. Make the choice. Start a new life today.

If you are struggling with addiction to synthetic marijuana or other synthetic drugs, now is the time to act for your recovery. Tree House Recovery offers men’s treatment programs for addiction leading men to find freedom by transforming their lives. Call us today: (855) 202-2138

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