Surviving Holiday Season In Southern California

Surviving Holiday Season In Southern California

California is the land of dreams, and it isn’t just because of the actors or the Hollywood sign. People flock to the state for all kinds of reasons, and the number of activities you can enjoy here even in the dead of winter is certainly one of them.  Whether you’ve lived here for long or are just becoming a local, the holiday season is a perfect time to familiarize yourself with all The Golden State has to offer.

California’s beautiful holiday weather is ideal for helping us maintain a regular, varied self-care routine. While some people have to deal with temperatures in the teens this season, we can bask in the sun and rest easy knowing that we can keep outdoors activities high up on our list of viable self-care activities pretty much year-round. From surfing to hiking, it seems like there are an endless number of self-care activities we can enjoy during the holiday season.

The first and perhaps most obvious thing to do this holiday season is to relax on the beach. Taking in some sunshine and fresh air does wonders for the soul, and it may just help you get that perfect tan. The weather may be a bit nippy near the water, but wearing a long-sleeved shirt will make sure you stay as comfortable and cozy as you can be. A game of frisbee or volleyball, or even a cookout with friends can be an awesome way to spend the day.

If you’re looking for a way to get in some exercise this holiday season, look no further than the scenic countryside of the Charlie Turner Trail in L.A. Just a little less than an hour away from Costa Mesa, this iconic trail is a perfect place to hike and take in some unrivaled views of the Los Angeles skyline.

Finally, if you’re looking to shred some waves in your free time, Huntington Beach is just a 15 minute drive from Costa Mesa, and the biggest swells are actually during the wintertime, believe it or not. You also won’t have to worry about nearly as many people being there this time of the year, which means you’ll have more of the surf to yourself.

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