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Surviving 420: A Guide For The Newly Sober Man

On April 20th, 2018, millions upon millions of marijuana smokers around the world will come together in public spaces, as well as private spaces, and engage in using marijuana. Known as the “marijuana holiday” this yearly celebration is recognized as the day for all marijuana stoner’s “Christmas”.

The “holiday” is silly. Most men in recovery didn’t need a reason to use drugs like marijuana. Some men may not have touched marijuana in some time, having turned to harder drugs. Other men may not even have liked the drug. Still, widespread recognition of and participation in drug use can be triggering, especially if a man in recovery did heavily use marijuana.

Getting through your first “420” without using marijuana is easier than you think. Keep yourself busy. Enjoy some of the highlights of the holiday without getting high. Be grateful that you are no longer a slave to any mind altering substances.

Start the day off with some exercise

Exercise is a proven way to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and any other uncomfortable feelings which might come up after waking up realizing a bunch of other people “get” to get high today. Understand that exercise is not you running away from your difficult emotions, but safely and effectively minimizing their impact on you and your day. As you exercise, take time to reflect on what’s really coming up for you. Realize that it’s okay to feel the fear of missing out and have cravings. Just make sure to find gratitude for your sobriety, your journey of recovery, and your new life.

Get together with friends and watch a favorite “stoner” flick

The bottom line is that “stoner” movies can still be really funny in sobriety. Be aware and check in with yourself first. On a day when you are already experiencing triggers for marijuana and other drug use, seeing people on screen using marijuana or other drugs could be extra triggering. However, it is possible and likely that watching it onscreen in a fictional or comedic situation will make you realize just how grateful you are not to have to live under the influence of drugs anymore.

You can still get baked”

Get into the kitchen and bake up some brownies, cookies, and other treats for snacking. Watching your diet to make gains in the gym? Rather than load up your baked treats with sugars and fats, try using collagen, protein powder, coconut oil, and other alternative ingredients to make a super healthy and super delicious baked good loaded with protein. You can always opt for sugar, if you want to, and pick up a pint of “Half Baked” by Ben & Jerry’s.

Do something “green”

Living a “green” lifestyle doesn’t have to include marijuana. As a man of recovery, you’re learning how to build and tune into your “green mind”, that is, your brain on nature. Get lifted by going on a hike, gaining some elevation, and blowing your mind with a new perspective granted to you by a mountaintop or vista viewpoint. As a bonus, spending time in nature will help you to reduce any stress, and has been proven to improve your image of yourself.

Everyday is a celebration when you’re living in freedom from addiction. Men who graduate from Tree House Recovery in Orange County transform their lives from the inside out, gaining peak physical condition and mental health. Men are setup to live a limitless life. Call us today for information: (855) 202-2138

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