Sunshine and August: Praising the Sun and Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Sunshine and August: Praising the Sun and Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

While the sun shines all year in our corner of the world, we’re gradually getting fewer and fewer hours of daylight ad we approach the winter solstice. When we get in tune with the cycles of the sun, we can feel more connected to ourselves and the earth. Likewise, sunlight is a healthy way to get Vitamin D, boost mood, and increase energy. Here are a few simple ways to honor the sun during these last few weeks of summer light.

Rise with the sun. The sun rises especially early in the summer. Even if you only rise with the sun one day, you’ll experience a mood boost and lots of happiness. You might even start doing it regularly. Rise with the sun and watch as it illuminates the sky. The sunrise is our daily reminder that every day is a new day and there’s always hope. 

Sit in the sun and do nothing. Absorb the sunlight in a pure and unobstructed way. There’s something special about the specific light of summer and these are our last few weeks to truly soak it up. Oftentimes the sun becomes a backdrop to our other activities. Just for a few moments, let it be the center of your mind, just as it’s the center of our solar system. Close your eyes and feel the rays on your skin.

Watch the sunset. We’re lucky enough on the west coast to experience truly magical sunsets. Watch the sun as it sets below the horizon as you ignore your phone or other distractions. As the sun sets, release anything from your mind that you don’t want to take with you into the night.

Meditate on the sun. Sit in a comfortable seated position and imagine the sun filling your body with vitality, light, and strength. The sun is a symbol of our life’s essence and individuality. As you imagine the sun filling your body with light and heat, call to mind everything that’s unique about you. What makes you shine?


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