Summer in Sobriety

Summer in Sobriety

With summer right around the corner, for those of us in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction it can be a time of relishing in the sun with our friends, but it can also be a reminder of our old addictive patterns of abuse. For many of us, summers were often spent at the beach where we could indulge in drinking and drug use. These creeping memories can quickly trick our minds into looking at our history in addiction through a lens of romance and seduction. It is crucial that we remain vigilant during these times because the romanticizing of our addictions can often be the first step into relapse behaviors. When we see others on the beach drinking and having a good time, if we aren’t mindful of the grim reality of our addiction, we can easily be seduced into thinking, “maybe I could just relax on the beach with just one beer.” These statements of compromise are just the beginning of our regression back into addiction, but if we can keep clarity in vision and thoughts, we will be able to correct our course back onto the path of recovery.

In order to best set ourselves up for success during the summertime, it is a good idea that we begin planning ahead of time in order to minimize temptations. Some tips to help with this are doing simple things such as planning out games to play at the park, beach or wherever we plan to hang out. We can also bring our favorite foods and beverages as well; it is important that we recognize ways in which to have fun and enjoy ourselves so that we are less tempted by intrusive thoughts of using drug and alcohol. Another simple tip is to ensure we are surrounding ourselves with healthy people who are either sober or are aware of our sobriety so that they understand our need to abstain from substances. Finally, we should try and avoid environments that we know can trigger us. If we recognize that the beach reminds us too much of our drinking and drugging days, it is advantageous to avoid the beach altogether if we are uncertain that we can avoid temptations. Although this sounds extreme, it is nowhere near as extreme as the brutal and crushing reality of a relapse.



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