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Summer 2019: The Best Summer Ever

Sober summers are the best summers. Why? Because you have the clarity of mind, energy, and renewed sense of self with which to enjoy the summer weather and celebratory essence of the season. It’s easy to associate summer with partying, booze, and drugs. However, with sober eyes and heart, you get to experience the joy of summer all over again. Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t wait to get out of school so that summer could begin? You didn’t need substances then to have a raucous and exciting summer. Summer 2019 will likely be your clearest, most gratifying, and most active and enjoyable summer ever. A summer without substances means a clear mind, no hangovers, the ability to truly feel the sun on your face along with all of the warmth and beauty that summer brings. Here are a few ways to harness the energy of your sober summer.

Get out in nature. Hike, swim in the ocean, backpack, or walk your dog down a woodsy trail. Sobriety means increased clarity and reverence for the natural world. Inhale the bounty of the natural world while it’s in full summer bloom.

Try new summer hobbies. A summer without substances means you’ll have the time and energy to try new summer activities that you’ve always wanted to try. Parasailing, snorkeling, surfing, and mountain biking are just a few of the many options. Summer 2019 is all about trailblazing and creating new sober pathways.

Throw a sober rager. It’s important that we all know how to have fun without substances. Throw a party without the booze. Include your favorite foods, non-alcoholic beverages, music, and games.

Travel. Travel locally or globally and immerse yourself in new places, cultures, and people.

Volunteer. When we give, we receive. It’s the nature of the universe. There is much to be gained from volunteer work. Pick an organization you admire and dive in. You’ll make new friends, feel good, and get out of your own head. Or, simply help a friend or loved one who is in need.


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