Spring Swell: How You Should Start Surfing This Spring

Spring Swell: How You Should Start Surfing This Spring

Surfing is fantastic for your physical and mental health. Men in recovery from addiction need outdoor physical challenges about which they can become passionate, focused, and dedicated. Surfing is one of the greatest hobbies in the world. If you want to start surfing this spring and get ready for summer, here is what you should do.

Buy a wavestorm and a wetsuit or a rash guard:

Surfers in California wear only their bathing suits in the water for two reasons. First, when the water is unseasonably warm. Second, when they’ve surfed enough to adjust to the temperature of the water and don’t freeze when they’re in the line up. The Pacific Ocean on the California Coast is cold until middle to late summer into early fall. Until then, you’ll need a wetsuit to keep you and your muscles cold. If you can brave the temperatures, you’ll want to buy a rashguard. Hours of surfing per day or per week leaves your ribs tender and rashy from laying on the board.

For your first surfboard, you’ll want to start with a Wavestorm or another “foamie”, or soft top board. These boards can last you a long time and more importantly, save you from immediate surf injuries. Traditionally these boards were exclusive to surf schools. Then mega giant Costco secured Wavestorm inventory and started selling the boards for just $100. Today you see as many foamies in the water as you do regular boards, performing just as well. These boards float better and are more forgiving when you smack them, fall on them, or get hit by them- which you will.

Easy there, shreddy eddie

Surfing is fun and the prospect of getting even a little good at surfing is exciting. You want to take it easy before you head out to the lineup and catch a monster wave from the outside. Stick to the whitewater and the inside waves as long as necessary until you gain the skills you need to paddle out further. Posing a risk to yourself poses a risk to others in the water. Don’t be a kook and stay safe. White water surfing lets you practice paddling, matching the speed of the water, and popping up. Falling in the white water is more forgiving than falling out in the lineup. You’ll get your turn over the falls eventually. Sustain your health and ability to learn by taking it easy and sticking to your skill level.

Get some practice and a teacher

You can practice skills for surfing on the sand and in a pool. On the sand, you can practice paddling and popping up for the wave, as well as do some necessary stretches. Learning to paddle and pop into a sitting position on a wave is a critical skill. In a pool, you can use your surfboard or a boogie board and practice paddling, then shoving the board between your legs and balancing in the seated position.

A teacher can help you learn timing, speed, and the form you need for good surfing. There are teachers who will do nothing more than push you into whitewater waves and there are teachers who will help you progress your surfing, eventually taking you into the lineup.

Recovery for men needs to be mind, body, and spirit. At Tree House Recovery we are building men from the ground up with sustainable changes to create a sustainable recovery. Call us today for information on our treatment programs and how we can help you find freedom from addiction:  (855) 202-2138

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